No way! Its impossible to be here and not to shop something- I am trying not to fill up my bag so that it still is a 10kg Luggage, but its really difficult. I am kind of happy to be so tired today- I am even not able to invade the vinateg stores around here- Thank God! … But I am waking up- I am a Buho , better said a Buha- not to mix up with a Burra- or maybe this also. Well, back to the topic- walking through Calle de Serrano and neighbourhoods I passed by „Hazel“- some of you may know it from other spanish cities- for meit was completely new and I really love the store. Entering the shop is like entering a boutique in some small village in Cornwall (for those who havent been thee: watch 5 minutes of Rosamunde Piclher, any film, and you will know what I mean 🙂 ) With its white painted wod interiors and its a little bit unorganised, but it feels kind of home. I could have stayed there for hours. They have really beautiful accesories, shoes, bags and of course thing sto dress up. You can find whate they have on their Homepage: Hazel

At the last s/s pasarela Cibeles they had a collaboration with the designer Ailanto so that they also created  an own set of shoes and bags with the designer.

So- but what did I buy? Here it is – I love thsi necklace and I am sure because of that it won’t last long- as mainly good things in life..

Read me soon!


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